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Green Bay, WI

Acorns from the heART!

Join me on Tuesday, October 25, from 6-830pm at Sepia Chapel in Green Bay for a fun, heART filled night.  I've wanted to do this type of project for awhile and the time is right with the holidays approaching quickly.  This one is a little different than the other classes.  First of all, I want you all to know that I am grateful for each one of you.  It is heartfelt that you choose Art Night to be with friends, learn and to create!  This project is all about being thankful., spreading happiness, kindness, love and gratitude.  After all, we did just survive a pandemic!  For this project, we are going to be hand painting 16 wooden acorns! Using your skills that you have learned in the past, each one can be different.  They can be covered in lines, squiggles, dots, hearts, etc, expressing a little bit of your heart.  You may choose to paint a few solid colored ones too.  Learn how to create new paint colors by changing their hue and value easily.  The reason for doing 16 of them is so that you can share them!   Give your family members each one on Thanksgiving to express your gratitude, leave one in the mailbox for your mail carrier, share with co-workers, or anyone!  As the artist, you may even want to keep some for yourself and share a few.  Whatever you'd like to do!  You could even hang them and make ornaments.  The idea is to spread smiles and happiness..  We all need that right now, when the world is so crazy.  Why acorns?  Because they are a symbol of growth, strength and unlimited potential.  Great things are about to come, just like the mighty oak tree from just one acorn.  These acorns are made from wood and are 1 5/16"x1".  You will have the opportunity to swap a completed acorn with others in class too.  Let's celebrate!  Art Night is a great girls night out, date night or come alone and make new friends.  As always, enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or soda while creating!  $29

*I know, it's all a little sappy but we are happy to be alive! -Amy

*Adults only









Sepia Chapel 
3562 Finger Rd
Green Bay, WI


Oct. 25, 2022



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"Attending Art Night classes has given me confidence to stretch myself and get out of my comfort zone. I have never left a class discouraged. Amy is an excellent teacher and the class atmosphere is fun and non-competitive."  -Ellie E.

I love Art Night. The projects are fun and I learn a lot. Amy is a great artist and teacher! - Dawn B.

"This is so much fun. It brings out the Picasso in  you!"  - Arlene

Your canvas and wine are waiting.