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Art Night Info & Registration.

Green Bay, WI

The Gnome Made Me Do It!

Here we go again!

Another Spring/Summer of Yard Art

Join me on Tuesday, May 30th from 6-8:30pm at Sepia Chapel in Green Bay, for a fun, creative Art Night! 

Oh, do we ever LOVE Gnomes and yard art!  We are going to have so much fun creating both with this project.  Gnomes are a German fairy tale of small earth dwellers who guard precious treasures in the earth.  They bring good luck to our homes too.  This gnome is made from CONCRETE by a local friend of Art Night!  We are supporting another artist!!  The gnome stands 22"T x 11"W x 2" thick.  He is amazing with all of the fabulous details.  As the artist, you choose all of the colors and design!  Will he have a red, blue or green hat?  Will his shirt be plain or have stripes or dots?  So many decisions and you make them all.  As always, there is learning involved too!!  I will teach you how to get an old/antique look to him, to reveal all of that luscious  dimension.  Also, experience how to paint with exterior paint too.  It is much different than the acrylic paint that we are used to.  We will be learning about blending colors to add additional depth.  Always adding techniques to our art tool box!

Art Night is a great girls night out, date night or come alone and make new friends.  Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or soda while creating.  $48.

*Adults Only









Gnome Art Night.jpg


Sepia Chapel 
3562 Finger Rd
Green Bay, WI


May 30, 2023



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"Attending Art Night classes has given me confidence to stretch myself and get out of my comfort zone. I have never left a class discouraged. Amy is an excellent teacher and the class atmosphere is fun and non-competitive."  -Ellie E.

I love Art Night. The projects are fun and I learn a lot. Amy is a great artist and teacher! - Dawn B.

"This is so much fun. It brings out the Picasso in  you!"  - Arlene

Your canvas and wine are waiting.

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