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New Studio Contruction!

Updated: May 7, 2020

Here we go!

WELCOME to my new website and blog! Follow along as I create in my brand new studio. After moving to Green Bay two years ago, we started construction on my studio. Yep, it certainly took awhile to build and complete it. I hired the amazing contractor, Jason of Colken Construction to up it up for me. He certainly is my magic maker! Then my husband Dave and I finished it off. We did the electrical, finished drywall, flooring, painting plus so much more. Thanks, honey! This is a dream space!

How much dirt do you need to dig up in order to run power to the studio i asked? Oh my goodness, more than you think, as I watched an excavator tear up the yard! It makes you a little weak in the knees to see your new property being destroyed by construction equipment!

Its only grass, they told Next summer you won't even know that we were here. They probably were right, but I still have the 90 feet stretch of three foot high piles of dirt image in my head.

I was super excited to get the electrical hookup to the studio. That means that the inside wiring will be taking place soon. Now to decide where to put the kilns! Yes, I have three of them and the wiring needs special attention. Where do you want the outlets to go and how many? So, the questions began. I thought I had it all figured out but of course, there were instances that you didn't think of, until someone pointed them out to

I consider myself pretty green. Meaning that I like to recycle everything that I can and try to keep things out of the landfill. Lessen my footprint! That said, I tried to find and repurpose as much as I could building the studio. Half of the windows that I put in, came from buildings being torn down. I even salvaged the large garden window that it is front of the studio. All of the cabinets came from friends or rummage sales. I love to recycle and relove things. I also include that in some of my artwork.

What is the outside going to look like? Boy, that was a struggle. I wanted it to be an artsy, abstract, colorful, wonderland in my head. But, I knew that I wanted to be respectful to my neighbors and not put something crazy in our backyard for all of us to look at everyday. So, i decided on a scaled down version with an artsy flair. I chose a stunning, dark gray vinyl siding with the addition of a cedar wrapped corner. It turned out amazing! I got my little abstract, artsy feel without going overboard.

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