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  • Amy Zander

It's finally completed!

Updated: May 7, 2020

Check out my finished studio!

After working hard for almost two years, she is done! All of the boxes are emptied, furniture is in place, shelves are hung and the lights are on.

Whew....I am so happy! Would you like a little peek inside?

With every completed step, I was that much closer to moving in. My contractor did an amazing job! Now it's up to my husband and I. Hanging drywall is definitely harder than it looks. So, I asked my contractor for one more little favor. Can you please hang the drywall for me? The amazing man he is, he fit the additional work into an already busy schedule and did it. With the height of the ceiling and having to work overhead, there was no way that we, as in my husband and I, were going to be able to hang drywall on the ceiling too. Plus we would have to mud and sand the seams, prime and paint it? I don't think so! There has to be another way, so I was looking for alternatives. Plywood! Perfect, right? Until you go to the lumber yard and price it! The pretty, clean, no knots or cracks or filler was like $40 a board. Ok, that isn't happening! We found a B grade of the plywood for half of the price, but it did have some filler in the sheets. Filler is a hard compound put in the wood to fill divots/ holes etc. There weren't many spots so I thought it would work. I had an idea! The filler spots were noticeable, so I stenciled circles over it to conceal them. Shh....don't tell anyone! It worked! Then a put a few coats of polyurethane on the plywood to seal and protect it. A little art on the ceiling too!

See, the stenciled circles are pretty cool! They are part of the inspiration for the black doodle circles on the website's cover page. I also, painted two doves on the plywood ceiling too. Why Doves? I have always been a fan of Prince and enjoyed his music. It wasn't until I was standing in his studio and home named Paisley Park, that I got a glimpse of the true person. After Prince's death, my husband and I went to tour it. That was the most emotional tour that I have ever been on! I recommend it to anyone visiting Chanhassen, Minnesota. There is so much more to him than music. Prince surrounded himself with everything that he loved. From his staff, friends, family, two pair of Doves, music and his fans. He would even give free concerts in an enormous space with an Instagram notification. The one thing that was the most powerful to me, was when the tour guide shared with us that Prince always said that each and every one of us are an artist and are in control of how high our ceiling is!! How far can you go? What is your limit? It was like he was talking to directly to me. So the Doves on my ceiling are for that reason! I want my ceiling, my limitations, my abilities to be high!!

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